DMC Mouline Ètoile

Art #: Art-617

Add some sparkle to your next project with DMC’s new Mouliné Étoile embroidery floss! This is a new line of 6-strand embroidery floss. It comes in skeins and is the same thickness as regular floss, but it has a unique twinkle effect that will give your finished stitching a subtle shimmer.

The new Étoile thread comes in 35 different colors.

The thread is compsoed of 73% cotton and 27% polyamide.



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617-BLANC– Blanc
617-C310 – Black
617-C318 – Light Steel Gray
617-C321 – Red
617-C3371 – Black Brown
617-C3799 – Very Dark Pewter Gray
617-C415 – Pearl Gray
617-C433 – Medium Brown
617-C436 – Tan
617-C436 – Dark Lemon
617-C471 – Very Light Avocado Green
617-C519 – Sky Blue
617-C550 – Very Dark Vioilet
617-C554 – Light Violet
617-C600 – Very Dark Cranberry
617-C666 – Bright Red
617-C699 – Green
617-C725 – Meduim Light Topaz
617-C738 – Very Light Tan
617-C740 – Tangerine
617-C798 – Dark Felt Blue
617-C814 – Dark Garnet
617-C820 – Very Dark Royal Blue
617-C823 – Dark Navy Blue
617-C840 – Medium Beige Brown
617-C890 – Ultra Dark Pistachio Green
617-C900 – Dark Burnt Orange
617-C907 – Light Parrot Green
617-C915 – Dark Plum
617-C938 – Ultra Dark Coffee Brown
617-C972 – Deep Canary
617-C995 – Dark Electric Blue
617-ECRU – Ecru