Top This! Knit Kits

78% Acrylic, 22% Nylon
98 yard ball
4″ x 4″ = 15 stitches x 24 rows stockinette stitch
USA needle size 9

DMC’s Top This! collection gives you all the cuteness of a pet without all the responsibility. Every skein in this series features a patented invention that ensures the included plush character will sit adorably on top of whatever you knit. The yarn itself is both bright and silky and made up of three continuous textures so you never need to switch it out. And since you won’t need to change yarn mid-project, Top This! is perfect for beginners. In fact, you can knit up a hat in under three hours. So what will it be? A hat? Scarf? Slippers?

Includes a free hat pattern.




Bunny (TTY15/BU)
Elephant (TTY15/EL)
Flower (TTY15/FL)
Giraffe (TTY15/GI)
Kitten (TTY15/KI)
Lion (TTY15/LI)
Monkey (TTY15/MO)
Owl (TTY15/OW)
Puppy (TTY15/PU)
Soccer Ball (TTY15/SB)
Teddy Bear (TTY15/TB)
Unicorn (TTY15/UN)


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