Anahera Wool

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Art#: 263
450 Yards

Art#: 262
45 Yards
10 per pack

Made of 100% New Zealand wool. Stronger, softer and more durable than traditional Persian yarns. A single ply yarn, suitable for every application by simply varying the number of consistently sized strands. Anahera offers excellent coverage and long wearing wool, for truly lasting beauty.


3 reviews for Anahera Wool

  1. Elizabeth J. Buckley of Heritage Tapestries

    I supply all of my hand woven tapestry workshops with Anahera wool yarns. They have a lovely hand, and have broad enough range of shades within each color family for versatile applications. I like to combine several strands together to create a variety of blends. I highly recommend these yarns for tapestry weavers.

  2. 5377 Lexington road

    Love this product

  3. 5377 Lexington road

    Love this product so much

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