Wired Braid / Hot-Wire (#16 Braid)

Art#: BB16/HW
11 Yard Spool
5 Spools per pack

Kreinik Wired Braid™ is exactly what it sounds like: a wired metallic thread the size of our Medium #16 Braid for dimensional embroidery effects. It was formerly known as Hot-Wire™.

What can you do with a wired metallic thread in bright, cheery colors? Think 3-D as embellishments can come right off the surface of your design. Think TRIMMING, as you can add a funky edging to projects. WRITE words and initials and names with the wired thread. OUTLINE motifs to make them stand out.



001W- Silver
001JW- Japan Silver
002W- Gold
002JW- Japan Gold
003- Red
005- Black
009W- Emerald
015W- Chartreuse
021HLW- Copper Hi Listre
026W- Amethyst
051HLW- Sapphire Hi Lustre
052FW- Grapefruit
150VW- Vintage Amber
152VW- Vintage Sienna
202HLW- Aztec Gold Hi Lustre
5700W- Cotton Candy
5725W- Lollipop Lemon
5760W- Marshmallow


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