Horn Shawl Pins

Knitwear jewellery made of horn is great for decoration on knitwear or for closing a knitted shawl. The horn jewellery compliments the yarn beautifully and will add that little extra touch.



Art.#                  Description
ART-6000          Shawl Pin Round
ART-6003          Shawl Pin Square
ART-6006          Shawl Pin Drop
ART-6012          Shawl Pin Cow Dark
ART-6013          Shawl Pin Cow Mixed
ART-6014          Shawl Pin Cow Light
ART-6024          Shawl Pin Slice Green
ART-6025          Shawl Pin Slice Red
ART-6029          Shawl Pin Buffalo
ART-6031          Shawl Pin Heart Old Dark
ART-6032          Shawl Pin Heart Old Mixed
ART-6033          Shawl Pin Heart Old Light
ART-6403          Safety Needle
ART-6407          Safety Needle Big


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